Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sadest moment 50% who watched this video cried

My Journey to Bangalore

It was the month of march when i was ready to leave valley and start my journey to Bangalore. Finally i left the valley on 13th April, 2008. I preferred Tata Sumo till Jammu and then train from Jammu to Bangalore. I had already reserved my seat in AC 3 tier. I left Srinagar by 7 am in the morning and reached jammu by 5 pm in the evening.

I got the auto from the jammu Taxi stand till railway station. the train had already arrived at the station. I got into the train trying to find my seat and finally i got it. On 14th April morning, i reached delhi by 6:45 am and i had to wait till night for Karnataka express. I waited whole day in waiting hall. I saw so many people entering into the waiting hall and leaving. I saw the time, it was 8:30 pm, i took my luggage and hurried towards the platform No. 9. Karnataka express had just arrived. I met few people from my native, they were kashmiri pandits. I had a great time with them.

On 18th April, Friday, 2008, it was 2 o'clock when i glanced outside the window and found we had reached Bangalore city. I thanked my Almighty and called my cousin. He gave me the address and i took auto from the prepaid auto stand till my cousin's house.

I got admission in JSS college. The semester was supposed to start from 22nd september. I went back to my native on 22nd august and came back on 16th september.
I started going college in the morning and coming back in the evening. July 2010, i completed my MBA - HR and was in a hunt for the job. I tried many places but didn't succeed. Finally one fine day i got a mail from Pylon and i hurried for the interview. I reached pylon by 11 am and left by 7 pm. After 2 days i got the offer letter from pylon and i was very much excited about my first job.

Its been almost one year since i joined pylon....

I would like to thank my Almighty, my Parents, my friends, my teachers and one special person whose name i want to keep confidential for some time.

Thank you all for making my journey beautiful and successful....

Love...a word of Care and Affection.

What is Love? I think everyone will say Love is when two people meet and they like each other. But if we think in a broader way,love is care and affection.

Love is what a person does with Almighty and His Prophet, with his/ her parents, family. In all these cases we find care and affection. Allah cares for His devotees and never make them suffer. And how parents care for their children is not a topic to discuss because everyone knows how parents Love and care for their children. Sameway children love and care for their parents (Exceptions may be their where there are few people who do not care for their parents).

In present era, the word Love is being defined wrongly. There are people who think Love is just meeting of two people (both opposite sex or same sex) and one night stand. That is not love, but Infatuation.

Here is an example of Love a mother showed towards her Son.
A young boy fell in love with a girl. He wanted to marry her but the girl set a condition for marriage. She asked the boy to get the heart of your mother. He loved her so much that he couldn't say no. He went to his mother and told her the whole story. The mother very happily gave her heart to his son to marry his beloved. He took the heart and started running towards the house of his beloved. On the way, he fell down and he heard some voice from the heart, " Oh my Son, Did you get Hurt".
This what Love is.......

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Women Empowerment is the key to nation empowerment

The creator has settled the system of universe in such a way that here we find the significance of law of pair in every sphere and in the world of human beings. This law is so obvious and obedient that one has to accept it as to accept the existence of sun at Midday. They have to act just like two wheels of a vehicle without which it can never be run.

At one side there is the role of man very prominent but at the other side there is the role of woman very indispensable. Woman gave birth to Hazrat e Imam Abu Hanifah (RA); the great scholar of islamic jurisprudence, woman gave birth to Aristotle and Plato; the great philosophers of all the time, woman gave birth to Prophet Mohammad (SAW); the great benefactor of humanity.

Reviving the annals of history that woman had proved to be great and very great in all the spheres and circles of life.

Hazrat e Aisha Sidiqua (RH), she had a photographic memory; Mother Teresa, the great reformer and noble laureate for peace; Kalpana Chawla, the great astronaut and the first indian woman who make it to the Mars, Sarojini Naidu, the great poetess; Indira Gandhi, the great politician. All these had proved very great in there respective times and there particular fields.

We should educate women and make them aware about every aspect of life. An educated motrher will develop good mannered and educated children, Educated children will develop a good society, a good society will make a great nation.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Serendipity - Accidental Discovery

A person wants to do something but ended up in doing something else. This doing something else is called Serendipity, means accidental discovery. If we look at the present world this term has become very common because people wants to do something but they are doing something else. For Example; the discovery of pencillin by Alexander Fleming. He was examining a culture of Staphylococcus aureus, a pathogenic bacterium on which he was doing some research, when he noticed that it had become contaminated by a species of Penicillium. Although, the species of the mold was unknown to Fleming, at the time, he did observe that it was inhibiting the bacterial growth. Fleming wrote a paper on his findings in 1929 and the rest is history. However, it was never that simple. Such a short summary really does not tell you the entire story, and in this case, says that Fleming's discovery of penicillin was one of chance. In our lives also such things happen as we plan to do something but we land up in doing something else. Sometimes a discovery by chance is very useful because Fleming never knew that the Culture which he examined will heal the whole world in world war II.