Saturday, August 27, 2011

Love...a word of Care and Affection.

What is Love? I think everyone will say Love is when two people meet and they like each other. But if we think in a broader way,love is care and affection.

Love is what a person does with Almighty and His Prophet, with his/ her parents, family. In all these cases we find care and affection. Allah cares for His devotees and never make them suffer. And how parents care for their children is not a topic to discuss because everyone knows how parents Love and care for their children. Sameway children love and care for their parents (Exceptions may be their where there are few people who do not care for their parents).

In present era, the word Love is being defined wrongly. There are people who think Love is just meeting of two people (both opposite sex or same sex) and one night stand. That is not love, but Infatuation.

Here is an example of Love a mother showed towards her Son.
A young boy fell in love with a girl. He wanted to marry her but the girl set a condition for marriage. She asked the boy to get the heart of your mother. He loved her so much that he couldn't say no. He went to his mother and told her the whole story. The mother very happily gave her heart to his son to marry his beloved. He took the heart and started running towards the house of his beloved. On the way, he fell down and he heard some voice from the heart, " Oh my Son, Did you get Hurt".
This what Love is.......


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  2. Excellent Thought Dear....I Really Appreciate it ......:)